Top tips to help you pick wedding shoes that match your wedding dress


The wedding shoes you choose for your big day should feel comfortable, be suitable for the venue  and match your personal style. It is also necessary that the shoes match your wedding dress. When you consider all these factors, finding the right pair may feel like a challenge. Nevertheless, it is possible.

The team at Best for Bride ( suggest these tips to help you find the right pair of wedding shoes that will go beautifully with your wedding dress.


1.Buy the dress first


For a beautiful bridal look, every element in your wedding trousseau should come together in a cohesive manner. The wedding dress is a focal point of the bridal look. So, it is sensible to choose your dress before you shop for accessories. Remember that it is always easier to find accessories that match the wedding dress, than the other way around. Wait till you buy your dress to go shopping for your wedding shoes.  Once you know whether your dress is satin, silk, lace or crepe, you can pick shoes that look best with it.


2.Decide on the color for your shoes

Just like wedding dresses, wedding shoes are available in different shades of white. You should be able to find shoes that match your dress color exactly, if you take a swatch of the dress fabric along when you go shopping. Silk shoes are usually off-white, while satin shoes are stark white. If the exact color is unavailable, most shoes can be dyed to get the accurate color. Some brides prefer colored shoes in one of the colors of the wedding theme. Decide on the color you want for your shoes to narrow down your choices and make shopping easier.


3.Pick a style

There are plenty of designs to choose from. You can wear heels, open-toe shoes, kitten-heels, pumps or any other design. Adventurous brides may prefer sneakers, boots or even flip-flops with their wedding dress. Consider your options and decide on how you want your feet to look on your special day. Then choose a few styles that will go best with it. Do this before you visit the shops, and you will not be too confused when you have to choose.


4.Decide on the fabric

The fabric of your shoe will determine its overall look. Silk, satin and crepe finishes are easy to come by. You can also find lace shoes that go well with various wedding dress styles. Then there are embellished shoes with prominent details that make them attractive. When you choose the fabric of your shoes to complement your gown, the overall effect is beautiful. However, you can also mix and match to come up with your unique style. If your wedding dress is  non-traditional, it wouldn't be odd if you chose non-traditional shoes too.


5.Consider heel-height

You will have to alter your wedding gown to your height with your shoes on. So, you should know the height of your heels when you attend your dress fittings. If you will be wearing high heels, your dress should be long enough to cover them. If you opt for sandals or flip-flops, the dress should be altered to just skim your toes and not drag behind. We recommend choosing a height that you are used to wearing regularly. Since you will be spending several hours on your toes on your wedding day, heels that are too high may hurt your feet unless you are used to it.


6.Explore customization options

In the rare case that you aren't able to find shoes that match your expectations or complement your dress, consider custom-creating your wedding shoes. Either have a shoe designer create your shoe from scratch or use customization options like adding embellishments or dyeing the color as per your specific requirements. When customizing shoes, make sure you order them well-ahead of the wedding. This will give you plenty of time to get the job done well. You can also make modifications later, if it is necessary.


7.Choose embellished and high heel shoes wisely

Remember that your shoes will constantly be in contact with the hemline and train of your wedding dress. So, consider the details in these areas when choosing embellished shoes and pointed heels. Avoid embellishments that can tug on the hemline and cause damage to it or trip you. Similarly, pointed heels are not a good idea if the wedding dress skirt is made from thin fabric that can stretch or tear. When you choose embellished wedding shoes, make sure that the details co-ordinate well with those on your wedding dress. Opt for sparkling stones or beaded embellishments accordingly.


8.Comfort is key

Don't settle for shoes that are uncomfortable, even if they look pretty. This is because you will spend several hours standing, walking and dancing in your wedding shoes. The strain can hurt your feet and cause blisters and pinched toes if your shoes aren't right. Make sure that the shoes have padded insoles and the heels are non-slippery. Also choose the correct fit to avoid accidents and discomfort. Don't wait till your wedding day to wear your shoes. Break them in early, so your feet are used to them in time for your wedding.


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