Top Bridal Shoes to Wear in the Spring Summer of 2016


Spring and summer are both beautiful seasons to get married in; spring symbolizing a fresh new start with that crisp nip in the air, the flowers and leaves reappearing, what better time to have the start of your new life amongst all this new foliage. Summer has positivity about it, the days are longer, the sky is clearer and there’s vibrancy to it, making both these seasons ideal for the biggest day of your life during. Now your footwear is going to have to reflect these seasons, so let’s have a look at our picks for the best bridal shoes to wear in Spring Summer 2016 as you want to look as good as you feel and Benjamin Adams has a great selection to choose from, mixing both comfort and style!


If you’re looking for a classically beautiful court shoe then ‘Felicity’ by Benjamin Adams is your best bet; a gorgeous super high heeled wedding shoe with a stunning trim it’s a perfect choice for your Spring or Summer wedding, it’s a clean and structured shoe which will set off and complete any bridal outfit so definitely one of the top bridal shoes to wear this Spring Summer!


Most of us do love a bit of sparkle! And if you place yourself well and truly in that category then we have the perfect bridal shoe for you to wear during Spring Summer 2016! ‘Saskia’ by Benjamin Adams is a gorgeous super high heeled court shoe with beautiful Austrian crystal detailing making this heel a real head turner and just imagine those crystals sparkling in the summer sun.


Summer wedding? a strappy sandal is the perfect choice for a bridal shoe if you're wedding during the hotter months, giving you a real chance to show off that pedicure too! Megan by Benjamin Adams is a beautiful strappy crossover sandal with glitter mesh touches which will definiately add a bit of sparkle and glamour to your day. The strap detailing will flatter your foot as well as giving you that room to breath, with a heel height of 9.5cm it will also add height and poise to you on the biggest day of your life!


Seen as it's a spring summer wedding the last thing you want is your feet to be cooped up in a stuffy shoe all day whilst you're rushing around enjoying one of the best days of your life. Lola by Benjamin Adams is a gorgous full back sandal with a beautiful complete mesh toe which is a perfect look for summer to let your foot breath and show off that little bit more skin, especially with it's stunning silk loop pattern making Lola a fabulous choice for your spring summer bridal shoe, lovely, light and extremely comfortable!


Lace is a gorgous choice for a spring summer bridal shoe, just imagine all the flowers blossoming during summer and all the beautiful leaves and what better way to echo that than a stunning lace pattern adorned with beautiful flowers and leaves. The tinage crystal trim adds glamour whilst the scalloped edges make this a gorgous choice for your wedding shoe, whilst it's peep toe gives you the best reason to show off that pedicure for all to see!