The Final Touches to a Wedding


Planning a wedding can be a real whirlwind especially when the big day is looming a lot of factors can get overlooked; so we’re here to help you out and make sure all those final touches and important details aren’t overlooked in the big rush. Everything from finishing touches to the venue, centre pieces, hotel rooms, travel and even entertainment for the kids ...seen as a wedding can be a pretty long day for the little ones; we’re going to have you covered!



We might be ever so slightly bias here but you have to admit shoes do complete an outfit! You can’t have them being a last minute thought, so make sure you pick options as you want to feel and look absolutely gorgeous on your wedding day and that means considering everything head to toe. Make sure the shoes match your dress and colour scheme, most people opt for a white wedding dress so you’ll be safe with ivory or white shoes however if you’ve chosen a coloured dress definitely try the two together on before the day just to make sure the shades complement each other, don’t chance it on the day! Try the shoes on, make sure they fit comfortably, they may look stunning but if there uncomfortable then the shoes won’t be on long enough to get any compliments; luckily our Benjamin Adams bridal shoes are extremely comfortable and stunning so we’ve got you sorted with this one!


Planning for the Day

I know it’s starting to seem like the to-do list for even the final touches to your wedding is never ending however I can say it will definitely all be worth it! Don’t forget about the smaller details such as hotel rooms, you don’t want to be getting dressed in an elevator, so make sure you’ve sorted those and there's travel arrangements, everything booked to get you there? To get yourself back? Make sure to write a list of everything you can think of, mentally go through the day in your mind for the 1000th time and write a list of all aspects that still need to be dealt with, it’s tiresome but it’s worth it.


Venue Finishing Touches

Make sure you leave enough time to sort out the little bits on the day, or at least enough time to boss someone else around to sort them. Making sure every table has the correct amount of seats, every seat has the sashes attached that you spent hours deciding on, make sure every table has a centrepiece, is there table covers on every table? Enough place settings? Write a list and give to a friend to do some last minute checks just to make sure there isn’t any irritating surprises throughout the day, you’ve got this sorted.


Entertainment for the Kids

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, it’s crazy, it’s emotional and it’s special ...for you; as exciting a day it is the kids might not find it quite so amazing. So let’s make sure they’re equally as entertained throughout the day; Luckily there is so much you can do to cater for the little ones, if you’ve got an outdoor wedding and the weather is on your side then opt for some fun and easy games such as hopscotch, skipping rope, outdoor Jenga; these are so easy to set up and will easily keep them entertained for hours. If you’ve not quite got the weather on your side, as most of us don’t then an inside crafts table will keep them happy and probably even tempt some of the older guests too. You can even make them a little section at the reception where you can have bean bags and a projector and show a few films to keep them quiet, it’s all pretty easy you’ve just got to make sure you don’t forget about the little ones as no one wants crying and unhappy kids on their wedding day!