Picking the right shoes for a Spring Wedding


Having a spring wedding is a risky move; it’s a game of chance as you’ll never quite know what you’re going to get weather wise, Spring is an unpredictable season to say the least. It’s all down to lady luck what weather you’re going to get on the day, will it be a crisp beautifully blue day or a soggy, downtrodden squelch; either way we are here to make sure you’re prepared for either, at least in the footwear department. So put your best foot forward and march into this Spring Wedding!

Our Lola heel is a gorgeous choice for a spring wedding with its beautiful feminine curves, mesh peep toe to show off that extra bit of skin on a bright day and an ankle strap to make sure you won't be loosing your shoe if it happens to get stuck in a little bit of soggy grass which we all know could well happen in spring!

Megan is a stunning strappy cross over sandal which is perfect for the warmer months having more foot exposed as to not overheat as well as a chance to show off that new pedi. Its elegant design and glitter mesh detail will look great in the spring sun.

If you're looking for something a touch more vintage then our Yvonne heel is perfect for you, with its sturdy heel providing much needed comfort on your big day and making it easy to cross any ground that Spring may throw at you. Its champagne leather looped t-bar will look great in the fresh Spring days and keep you from loosing your shoe if you happen to find yourself on some wet ground, whilst the looped cut outs will save your feet from overheating; perfect!.

Carolina is a beautifully fresh looking heel inspired by art deco with it's gorgeous fan pattern across both heel and toe making it a perfect choice for that fresh spring wedding. With it's open toe you can showcase your pedicure whilst the fan pattern accentuates the curve of your heel and the high cut sides of the shoe will make sure you're feet look stunning and are comfortable for the entire day!

The Simone heel, a two part dorsay back, this wedding shoe is perfect for a Spring wedding with it's beautiful art deco inspired champagne leather fan pattern adding some colour and it's ankle strap meaning added support giving you no excuse to not dance the night away.

Minnie is a vintage dream, with it's beautiful round roe and mary jane strap along with it being extremely comfortable to wear and with it's wide heel meaning you'll not have to worry about getting stuck in some terrain! one worry to have off your mind.

Clean Heels will definitely be a life saver for a Spring wedding, all you have to do is attach these to the base of your heel and happily walk along any terrain without having your heels stick into it and getting dirty! Amazing.