Giving Family A Matching look


Wedding’s are a beautiful time of bringing people together, so what better time to really get your family involved. Your sisters will most likely be your bridesmaids; can’t ask one without asking them all... so let’s have a look into how we can style and get the matching look across everyone whilst keeping all happy, and of course your mum isn’t going to want to be left out so we’ll have her look covered too! Now let's get onto those matching looks...


Colour Schemes:

Whether you’re going for peachy pinks, glittering gold’s or radiant reds you’re going to need the family to coordinate! Before people start moaning about individuality or it ‘not being their colour’ we can play around with shades, someone think pink is too vibrant for them? We can go with a dusky pink, yellow too bold? We can go with pastels. There’s a way around most complaints and just think how gorgeous everyone will look wearing their matching looks in a variety of hues of the wedding colour scheme.





With shoes most people are fussy: ‘those heels are too high’ ‘that heels isn’t high enough’ ‘these aren’t comfortable’ ‘My ankle looks stubby’;  face it, we all have our Goldie Locks moments and we know what we like... if it’s being chosen for us we’re going to be a little reluctant! However we have a multitude of styles that are similar in look yet varied enough to please the family and keep the matching look. Our ‘Lola’ ‘Megan’ and ‘Bobbi’ heels are gorgeous mesh and glitter styles, Megan will suit people wanting a higher heel, whist Bobbi is great for someone wanting a bit more ankle detail and Lola is the perfect match for someone wanting to fully show off their fresh pedi!



The particular flower or range of flowers you’ve selected for your wedding can easily be adapted to every person  attending. How stunning would it be for each bridesmaid to have a single or multiple flowers in their hair depending on the style you select whilst carrying a bouquet and not forgetting mum she can one attached to her hat or one sitting on her bolero jacket, the same flowers for everyone just tailored a different way.



Now, this one can be tricky; a lot of people don’t want to change their hairstyle so we need to find one that’s flattering for a mix of hair colours, hair types and face shapes! Side swept is a beautifully flattering style and looks great with most hair types and face shapes. An up do is an easy look and shows off everyone’s faces, an extremely versatile and beautiful look. If someone has short hair then why not add in an element of the style into theirs; such as a slight kink or wave to their hair.