Do You Get Changed On Your Wedding Day


So, you’ve spent countless hours pondering over your wedding dress, scrap booking inspiration, browsing Pinterest, tagging friends on Facebook, screenshotting Instagram, trying dresses on, mulling over fabric, train or no train, veil or no veil; the list goes on and on. You’ve spent that much time on it so you want to get the most out of it surely? However it’s not always possible, you can’t really dance the night away if you’ve opted for an embellished dress that weighs half a tonne, or if you ventured for the 3 meter train; these are exaggerations (...maybe) but the perfect dress to walk down the aisle in isn’t always the best dress to see you through the night on your wedding day. We’re going to look into the pros and cons of changing into an ‘evening dress’ after the ceremony and making sure you change your shoes and accessories to match.

Pros of Changing:

There are a few! First of is the chance to shop for 2 dresses, mind you this can be a pro or a con depending if you enjoy clothes shopping. Another pro is changing before the party starts will keep that white wedding dress clean, no chance to spill wine, canapés and sweat down it! As mentioned above you’re going to want to party the night away and not every wedding dress will allow you to do that easily; a knee length dress is a lot easier to dance away the night than a heavy full length gown! One last pro is that you’ll be photo fresh, a little outfit change and accessory change will make you ready for the second round of photographs, also giving the wedding day photo album a bit of variety.

Cons of Changing:

Time. Your wedding day goes by quick! Do you really want to look back on your day and regret the 30 minutes you spent getting that outfit change in? Another potential con is that your accessories won’t match so you’ll have to get shopping and make sure you’ve got 2 sets ready to go. One last con is that this is your wedding! Surely you want to wear your wedding dress for as long as possible! You’ve spent all that time fantasizing about it, planning it and shopping for it so wearing it for the bare minimum might not be a great option.