Choosing the Key Elements of Your Wedding Day

Now, planning a wedding can be a pretty daunting prospect, it’s one of the biggest days of your life after all! That comes with pre    ssure. What you don’t want to do is get caught up in the stress and make the wrong choices, do not fear as we are here to give you some advice on making sure your choices are the right ones!



You may want a beautiful wedding at your childhood church but realize it can only sit 50 and there’s 100 coming; or maybe you want a gorgeous outdoor wedding but find out there’s no parking at the venue you dreamed of. When planning a wedding you’re allowed to have your head in the clouds and imagine your perfect day but also know when to rein it down and stay focused on the core elements too. When picking a venue you have to make sure it can fit everyone in, can people get to the venue? If you’re wedding is in January are you really going to want it to be outside? Having your first wedding toast with a lemsip just isn’t quite the same. Get a core checklist written down and make sure the venue covers each one; you’ll find the perfect venue sooner or later!



Now for the show stopper, this is the moment every girl dreams of so it’s got to be magical! It’s got to look absolutely spectacular however most of us aren’t Mariah Carey so we’re not going to get away with a 20ft train; core aspects when picking a wedding dress are, it has to fit! As initially motivating as buying a dress 2 sizes smaller than you are is to get into that pre wedding workout what if you don’t hit the target and you’re left with a dress that can’t fasten up and you end up cascading down the aisle with only safety pins and prayer keeping that dress fastened. Buy a dress in the correct size and if you do crack on with your pre wedding workouts then get the dress altered, it’s much safer to do it this way than to be stuck with a dress that you can’t get in.



Onto our favourite subject; shoes! Wedding shoes are a hard decision, not only do they have to look incredible and match your dress you’ve also got to be able to actually walk in them (can’t get away with the drunken hobble on your wedding day!) and they have to be comfortable enough for you to spend the entire day in them; Now that’s a tall order. Our shoes at Benjamin Adams are incredibly stylish and comfortable so there’s no need to sacrifice one for the other! We have you covered if you want tall, modern and stylish with our Felicity, sparkling spectacular with our Saskia and classic beauty with our Diana.



One thing you must make sure to do with a wedding, never leave anything to chance! You do not want to be toying with fate on such a big day. Check and double check dates, it’s easier than you’d think to click something different on a scroll down menu, who wants their car to turn up a month after you’ve had your wedding and the honeymoon tans faded. I know this is a dream day but wanting to turn up to the church in a helicopter and having to land in the fields knocking over a couple 200 year old headstones probably won’t make you feel great or very popular with the locals so you need to make sure your travel arrangements are responsible,  do able and achievable.



Worst case scenario you think you’ve booked a folk duo called earth and water when it’s really a performance piece by an old folk involving a glass of water and pile of earth ...ok so that’s never going to happen but you’ve got to do your research! Make sure the entertainment’s available for the entire evening, you don’t want them leaving after the first dance because they have another gig to get to or need to catch the last bus home! Make sure you are aware of the style of music or their set list. Check they have equipment, otherwise you’ll be there on the day with a DJ playing his set list from his iPhone, silent disco anyone? Lastly make sure they can get to the venue, they know the style of music you’re looking for and finally, you agree on a price, you don’t want any nasty surprises when the invoice comes round!