Accessories with Love

It's still February, at least for that little bit longer so let's continue with the love theme and tackle accessories! They complete an outfit, finish off a room and tie everything together so they definitely can't be forgotten



Now, headpieces are as tricky as they are stunning; do you go massive for dramatic effect and beauty or do you keep it simple, pretty and manageable? Then you have to decide veil headpiece or non veiled headpiece seen as we're working towards a 'love' theme here what could be more fitting than a veil adorned with hearts? petals and flowers are always a gorgeous choice, reminiscent of 'he loves me, he loves me not' wistful wondering; veils are perfectly romantic especially when adorned with flower buds.

BA Headpieces are a stunning accessory



With shoes we have you covered, not as obviously love orientated as a huge love heart on your foot but how can you not fall for these shoes. Our Felicity heel is gorgeous and simple with a beautiful trim, perfect to finish off any wedding gown. Our Jemima heel is hopelessly romantic with it's beautiful lace work and gorgeous frill edge, as if it's stepped straight out of an oil painting from the 1800's. Our Diana and Dakota heel are stunningly scalloped with their curved edges and lovely lace making any look that little bit more romantic and finally our Carolina heel with it's stunning art deco inspired shapes will make you fall in love with your shoes every time you glance at them.

shoeba Fall in Love with Your Shoes



We all love some flowers, who's heart doesn't melt when you're greeted at the door with them? Not that that happens too often... It can be just as exciting buying your own so let's get choosing! Roses are a classic choice, in red or white there sure to look stunning and extremely romantic, actually roses are so perfect who needs other options.centreCentre Pieces:

A good centre piece is a must, it brings focus and attention and ties the entire table together. We're running with the love theme here so it's going to have to be a heart shaped one! Floral heart shaped centre pieces are truly gorgeous and bring some lovely colour. If you're thinking more elegant and modern a sculpture is a beautiful way to incorporate your theme into the design, have a play around and see what works for you however the possibilities really are endless.

hearts Heart Shapes Centre Pieces; Gorgeous