A Little Bit Of Sparkle Wedding Ideas

Glitter automatically equals celebration, so those items are always worth the investment. Shimmery shoes work beautifully with white wedding dresses, as well as make for a quick and easy way to glam up an outfit. Sparkly elements work in much the same way as they can make things seem better quality, a bit fun and definitely eye-catching.


We reckon the best way to go about adding some sparkle, is to use it to highlight sections or small things, so as not to go overboard. Our ‘A little bit of sparkle’ inspiration board has some great ideas about how to do this, so you mix and match your ideas without over-doing it. Pair your striking yet simple wedding gown with some sparkly heels, your vintage inspired wedding invitations with some easy to use glitter confetti, and a shimmery manicure or hair accessory.

Sparkling Wedding Shoes

We like our shimmer here at Paradox, and both Pink and Benjamin Adams have a great selection of shoes that are both entirely, or only have elements, that sparkle. For those of you who like strappy shoes then Alessandra is a great bet.

Alessandra Wedding Shoes

If you want a bit more structure to your shoe Valentina which has a sleek white body, with shimmery decorative highlights.

Valentina Wedding Shoes

Have a look at our inspiration board and let us know what ideas you think you'll be taking away for your upcoming big day!