The Statement Shoe vs The Traditional Shoe: Which is Right for Your Wedding Day?

When it comes to choosing the perfect shoes for your wedding, it can be an incredibly tough call. Do you go for the statement shoe or the traditional shoe? There are positives and negatives for both, but here at Paradox London, we have come up with some points to consider.


Bold, bright and striking – the statement shoe isn’t for the faint-hearted. For a wedding outfit with a twist, statement shoes may just be the ultimate choice.

Colour theme

If you’ve spent a great deal of time agonising over a colour scheme for your wedding, a statement shoe could be the ideal way to tie in your theme with your outfit. Choosing an accent colour or colour scheme isn’t as easy as it looks. There’s the issue of bride and groom clashing favourite colours, then taking the season into account and ensuring that your bridesmaids don’t look ill in the hue of dress you’ve chosen for them. But when it all comes together, your bouquet, your bridesmaids and your shoes can all work in perfect harmony to give your wedding a personal touch.

Wear them again

One of the best things about a statement shoe is the fact that it’s easy to wear them time and time again. A traditional bridal shoe can be difficult to match with other outfits that adorn your wardrobe. On the other hand, a statement shoe is likely to complement a wider range of outfits you own. When investing in statement wedding shoes, you are also investing in a pair of shoes that you will love to wear with a wide variety of outfits for many years to come. If you are getting married on a shoestring budget, at least you can make a strong argument for the value of a statement wedding shoe.

Skin tone and shape

Unfortunately, some brides simply just don’t suit a white or lighter coloured traditional shoe. Some skin tones can look incredibly washed out in such a pale shoe colour. Plus, the traditional style may not also suit the body shape of some brides. When it comes to a statement shoe on the other hand, there is much more freedom to get creative and choose something that is perfect for you. In a shoe that complements your skin tone and a style that is best suited to your shape, you will feel entirely happy that you opted for a statement shoe.


Classic, beautiful and timeless – the traditional shoe is perfect for the bride who wants their day in white. For a wedding outfit that fits together seamlessly, the traditional shoe is ideal.

Traditional bridal

If your wedding is opting for a very traditional look and style, a shoe to match will be the finishing touch to make everything match perfectly. Just like some choose a wedding colour theme, many simply opt for traditional whites and creams for their wedding day. The bride will be a vision in white (ivory, or even cream) as she walks down the aisle in shoes that epitomise the beautifully traditional style of the wedding. If you’ve been dreaming of a white wedding since you were little, you certainly shouldn’t deny yourself traditional bridal shoes to match.

Matching your dress

Speaking of matching, some brides consider it of the utmost importance to have shoes that match their dress. It’s very common for brides to want their dress to be their statement piece. If you are opting for a wedding dress that has an abundance of ruffles, ruching or lace, you may want to go for traditional shoes that are a little more understated. There is such a thing as overkill for a wedding outfit, and statement shoes with a statement dress are a recipe waiting for disaster. If you want the eyes of your guests to be on your dress and not on your shoes, a traditional and classic shoe style is likely to be your best option.

An item to cherish

Traditional wedding shoes are a truly stunning piece of wedding fashion, especially when they are from Paradox London. They are also likely to be a purchase that you will cherish for many years to come. Most people will only ever own one pair of gorgeous traditional wedding shoes and they serve as a beautiful memento of the best day of your life. Cherish your traditional wedding shoes however you like, but they are guaranteed to be the most beloved pair of shoes you have ever owned.