The Benjamin Adams' guide to picking the perfect wedding shoe

You'll no doubt have spent a great deal of time choosing your wedding dress, your groom’s suit and the outfits of your bridesmaids, flower girls and page and you've got to be equally thoughtful when it comes to selecting your bridal shoes. Wedding shoes will be seen throughout the day, will be immortalised in your wedding photographs and admired by your fellow guests when you rise for the traditional first dance.

Picking Your Wedding Shoes

Your wedding shoes should make you shiver with delight; they should whisk you away in a fragrant cloud of nostalgia whenever you look at them in years to come. An unapologetically romantic view, but when designing the perfect ladies dress shoe, we do have a very practical side, too. So, we would suggest that when choosing your wedding shoes, you give some thought to your outfit, finding shoes that complement the shape and style, as well as the colour.

Bridal Shoes in the 1920s

The 1920s are a decade that we return to again and again; those years represent a sleek, quirky and so devastatingly elegant period. If you are channelling a divine Louise Brooks or Great Gatsby vibe, then complement your gown with shoes that would not look out of place at the Savoy American Bar. Dainty ankle straps and shimmering leather detail will complement the understated line of a 1920s style dress perfectly.

1950s Inspired Wedding Shoes

If a retro glamour girl look is more your style, emphasise those dangerous curves with the vintage 1950s pump. Vertiginous block heels softened with girlish rounded peep toes, these shoes will complement the sexy wiggle dress and nipped waists of those classic 1950s styles. And if you are wearing genuine vintage, then a shoe like Scarlet can be dyed to give an exact match to your outfit – it’s the little details like this that can really add the finishing touches to an outfit.

But of course you don’t need to match every element so slavishly. Consider the wedding colour du jour, champagne, and imagine how elegant and modish a pair of shimmering leather peep toe pumps in this colour would look with a wedding dress in ivory but picked up in the champagne gowns of your bridesmaids; a modern look, for sure.

Most of all, we would urge you to choose a style you adore. After all, it's your wedding day.