Blog - Closed Toe vs Peep Toe Shoes for Your Wedding

One of the biggest questions when it comes to wedding shoes is whether to wear closed toe or peep toe shoes at your wedding. There are many reasons why one bride will pick one shoe over another. For all your designer wedding shoe needs, be they closed toe or peep toe, make sure you view our bridal collection today.

Closed Toe

The closed toe shoe is perfect for the conventional bride who’s going after that traditional wedding appeal. There are many benefits closed toe bridal shoes offer, but the biggest, most obvious one is that they are warmer than their peep toed cousins. If you’re having a winter wedding, the chances are that closed toe shoes are probably the way to go. When you think about it, the last thing you want on your wedding day is cold feet, and the extra fabric really helps to keep you warm and comfortable when there’s a chill in the air.

Another bonus to closed toe wedding shoes is that you don’t have to have your toes on show. Some people aren’t particularly fond of showing their feet, and closed toe shoes eliminate that problem. Either way, this saves you from having to deal with painting your toes, giving you one less thing to worry about on your big day.

Peep Toe

In direct comparison to the close toe shoes above, peep toe shoes are perfect for summer weddings. Even if your wedding is mid-winter, as long as your wedding is indoors somewhere warm you can still get away with peep toe shoes, staying happy and comfortable throughout your big day.

The obvious difference between peep toe shoes and close toed shoes is that your toes will be on show. This opens up a world of possibilities in how you paint your toes. This will vary depending on the colour of your shoe, but do you go for pearly champagne to match your dress, or pink to match your flowers? How about the timeless and eternal French pedicure to match your toes to your nails? The possibilities are endless with peep toe shoes – if that’s something which gets you excited, that’s probably a sign that peep toe wedding shoes are the way to go.

As you can see, there are benefits to both open toe and peep toe shoes, and different shoes may seem better depending on you and your wedding. Whichever way you wish to walk down the aisle, Paradox London is sure to have the designer shoe for you. If you have any questions about bridal shoes or which shoe is right for you, be sure to get in contact today.