Uncategorized - Christmas Shopping, But For Yourself!

Christmas is renowned for being the time of giving, who ever said that doesn’t including treating yourself?

The festive period is a beautiful yet stressful time; Christmas shopping, card writing, day organizing, family pleasing... all this on top of planning a wedding, no one will be surprised that sometimes you just need to take some time out and pamper yourself ahead of both big days.

Now, not that most of us need an excuse to go out and splurge, but what warrants treating yourself more than the stress of organizing the biggest day of the year and the biggest day of your life?! Is it selfish? No. Is it expensive? probably. Is it needed? most definitely.

Now on to the fun, there are a fair few options for what you'd want to pick as your gift to self:

Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes

What better way of justifying that beautiful pair of heels than tying it in as a festive gift to yourself. We all know a stunning pair of heels completes an outfit, gives us that extra bit of height and of course, you can’t walk down the aisle bare foot. So why not go for a beautiful high heel, adorned in crystals such as the 'Saskia' by Benjamin Adams, need more crystals? Treat yourself with the stunning 'Catherine' or if you want something more simple but just as stunning go for the 'Felicity' heel. Best way is to treat yourself and look gorgeous whilst doing it.


Spa Day

Spa Day Retreat

The best way to recover from stress? Getting away from it all! A spa day is something we all need once in a while. What could be more ideal than lying down, robe in toe, cucumber on face and stress out of mind. All the planning of Christmas and Wedding occupying your mind it's no surprise you could do with a little down time before your brain overloads; splurge on a relaxing weekend at Dormy House in Worcestershire if you love the idea of salt therapy's, mud rooms and a 16m infinity pool to scrub and swim away those worries. If you're fed up of the city life and fancy being surrounded by greenery instead of concrete then try Lime Wood in Hampshire, a herb house spa; steam pools, deep copper baths and hydrotherapy, a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Now if intense relaxation is your bag then The Scarlet in Cornwall is for you; tented treatment rooms suspended from the ceiling, all-glass sea facing roof and wood fired hot tubs, what more could you want from a weekend away?!



Obsessed with make-up but normally stick with the same brand and within a certain budget? Throw that out the window, give yourself permission to splurge! Ever wondered what a Diorific Mat velvet lipstick would look like? Treat yourself. Daydreamed about a flawless complexion with Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet? Go get it. Imagined how perfect your nails would look with Christian Louboutin ‘Tres Decollete? Go on, be naughty!


Hair Pieces


It might be a cliche, but who didn't dream at least for a little bit, of being a princess when they were younger? Use this chance of treating yourself to make that dream come true! What better way to finish your wedding dress off than with the perfect head piece making you feel like you've just stepped out from a Disney film, we all love a bit of multitasking so make those dreams come true whilst giving yourself a little splurge at the same time; you deserve it! Our picks are the beautifully delicate Lucille Wedding Tiara from Rosie Willett Designs, the classic Cosmos Bandeaux by Jennifer Behr or even the ever so gorgeous Crystal Feather Tiara from Vera Wang.

Now go out and splurge! It'll be our little secret.