About the Brand

About the Benjamin Adams Brand

The Benjamin Adams collection has established itself as the leading British bridal shoe designer. With a strong focus on design and comfort, the styling is supported by a confident and spirited brand personality. Embellishments and adornments take centre stage as the sophisticated styling is complimented by the use of finest silks and leather.

Adam Benjamin was born into a family of footwear manufacturers, as soon as he was old enough he was helping out and working in his fathers small London shoe factory, quickly learning every aspect of shoe production. Benjamin showed an interest in the small factories production of bridal and evening footwear, which he thought were very uninspiring, traditional and lacked glamour. The passion for footwear was in his blood so he began developing a collection of bridal and evening footwear that encapsulated feminine style and luxury that he thought women deserved. The first 'Benjamin Adams' collection was born in 2004, since then the collection has gone from strength to strength and is now selling in over 30 countries all over the world.

Benjamin Adams